Favourite comic book ladies: Rogue/Anna Marie
↳ When ah went to the X-Men, ah was desperate. They had every reason to turn me away. But they didn’t. Ah figured if they believed in me, ah owed it to them to believe in myself. To try. To get better. Ah found out ah could. So much more than ah ever imagined possible. Ah’m still learnin’ that. Biggest lesson was that there were people who cared enough to help…but at the end of the day, it was up to me. Ah ain’t gonna lie. It was hard. Still is. And ah live knowin’ it could all unravel if ah make one wrong move. But it all started with someone believing in me. And me takin’ that first step. Ah believe in you. Now it’s your move.

So happy that we will finally get the Rogue deleted scenes in the Director’s Cut!!!

(Images courtesy of Empire Online)


-It’s not really goodbye, after all.


Preparing for OWLs. Well, Hermione is preparing.

You see, I can imagine Harry and Ron doing basically everything, but studying.


Decided to draw something with Harry and Hermione.

They’re not a couple here,just friends,because I love them being friends xD


Dumbledore’s Army

oh yeah I’m tired.