So, it’s a rule of mine that I refuse to watch a movie if it’s based on a book, unless I’ve finished reading the said book.

This year, so far, looks like I’m reading a lot of YA novels and the movies star Shailene Woodley. 

After having seen Divergent though, I’m happy with the casting. And now I can’t wait to watch The Fault in Our Stars :).

P.S. I love it when I get free merchandise with the books ;).

I loved SHEO during the Divergent promotion, and now I’m ready to see SHANSEL do the same for TFiOS. 

I don’t like pitting one pairing against the other, but rather prefer to enjoy the wonderful movies they are all making :).

Shailene Woodley is a talented young actress who has chemistry with all these actors (including Miles Teller), and yet it’s great that she can also convincingly play their sister or antagonist. 

P.S. I don’t find anything incestuous because Tris and Caleb are nothing like Hazel and Augustus, and also, Shailene and Ansel are not related in real life.

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Not a SHEO or a SHANSEL shipper, but I love both FourTris and Hazel/Augustus ^_^

The actors already did an amazing job in the Divergent movie, and from the trailer, looks like TFiOS will be great too!!!

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The series was never about romance—it was fundamentally a story of resilient friendship. Harry and Hermione’s relationship was the perfect embodiment of this theme because, even though Hermione and Ron loved each other romantically, Harry and Hermione loved each other just as deeply, but in a completely different way. (x)

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Emma and her Noah co-star Douglas Booth

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YES, I SHIP IT ^_^!!!