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Day 22 - Favorite Erica nerd/fangirl moment

Definitely the day I heard that Erica has been cast in a new TV show called Saving Hope.

I never expected that Erica will be in another TV show so soon after Smallville. I had spent the last months during the run of SV wondering when I’ll get to see Erica on my screen in something new again. 

Never expected that the news about Erica in another show, and as the lead too, would come so soon after SV ended. I was ecstatic!!!

Day 19 - Favorite body part/feature of Erica’s

Erica Durance is a very attractive woman, from her toned body to her lush her to her gorgeous smile.

But it’s her eyes that I love the most.

They are so expressive: joy, grief, anger, madness, etc - like Erica’s acting, her eyes can portray it all too.

9 Favorite Alex screencaps from the #SavingHope episode 1.04 - The Fight.

(Screencaps courtesy of and edited by me)

Behind the Scenes on Saving Hope - Erica Durance [x]

Reblogging this again ‘cause this is my:

Day 18 - Favorite behind-the-scenes Erica picture while filming another project

Again, I know the caption says “picture”, but whatever ;).

I just absolutely love Erica in these gifs from a BTS video of Saving Hope!!!

Day 16 - Favorite Saving Hope season 1 Alex cap (or scene) so far

Erica Durance is a very talented actress, there’s no doubt about that. And in Saving Hope, she proved that she can do more than just act in sci-fi genres. She has been giving a powerful performance in every episode of this show.

This scene, though, takes the cake IMO. The way she went from laughing with her colleagues to suddenly crying because she felt guilty about celebrating while Charlie lay in a coma…it was superbly played out!!!

9 Favorite Alex screencaps from the #SavingHope episode 1.03 - Blindness.

(Screencaps courtesy of and edited by me)

9 Favorite Alex screencaps from the #SavingHope episode 1.02 - Contact.

(Screencaps courtesy of and edited by me)